Castle Eyrichshof - 700 Years in the Hands of the Same Family

Eyrichshof Castle is the only preserved castle in the vicinity of Ebern. In the XIV century the nest of the House of von Rotenhan was destroyed in the course of one of the feudal wars. They decided not to restore the building, but to build a new one-the Eyrichshof Castle. However, it was not much lucky initially, either. In 1525 it was severely damaged during the Peasants' War. But they managed to restore the damage.

In the middle of the XVIII century, the castle owners undertook serious renovation. Eyrichshof was accordingly rebuilt in the Baroque style, which was fashionable at that time. A century later, a large English park was founded around the castle. Now, the architectural complex of Eyrichshof Castle, also includes a greenhouse and the castle church in addition to the main building and the park. Surprisingly, the castle never changed owners during seven centuries. The House of von Rotenhan owns it as their private property, like in the XIV century. However, the descendants of the proud Knights open the doors of their residence for excursions and various public events. Eyrichshof is very picturesque and often serves as a platform for the filming of movies and television shows.

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Schlosshof 4
96106, Ebern
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50.1082354890629, 10.7829308509827
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