Hamburg Dungeon - an Attraction for the Brav

Making a trip toHamburg Dungeon, you can not only learn about the "dark" history ofHamburg, but also be well and truly frightened. Visitors walk through suchterrible places, as a torture chamber, where actors perform the scene of harshinterrogation of a smuggler, or through the Inquisition building, where theapostate was judged. The other parts of the dungeon, reminding about theNapoleonic invasion, the fire in 1442, the plague of the XVII century and otherharsh pages of the history also inspire fear. Anyone who is not afraid and willtour through all the dungeon locations, will in the end descend onto a pirateship and participate in the capture of a vessel or attempt to survive a flood.All performances are usually in German, and once a week - in English.

Opening Hours:
Now - closed
Mon -Sun 10:00-18:00
Kehrwieder 2
20457, Hamburg
GPS coordinates:
53.5438202494532, 9.98946905136108
Phone: +49 1806 / 66690140
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