Miniatur Wunderland: the most visited museum in Hamburg

It is the most visited museum in Hamburg. It is better to buy tickets in advance via the Internet. The creator of the museum Frederik Braun spent his holidays in Zurich in 2000. There he went into a store, which specializes in the sale of children's railways. This was the sort of impetus for the implementation of the business idea. Together with his twin brother Frederik began to create the layout of the railway, the total length of which is now about 13 km. 

The first three sections present the central Germany, Austria and the airport of the fictional Knuffingen city. New countries, continents and stories are added gradually. A miniature railway runs through the German coast, the Swiss Alps, Italy, Scandinavia, the United States with Las Vegas, Miami, and the Wild West. Environment around it is "full of life": here the day follows night and toy residents live their daily routine.

Opening Hours:
Now - closed
Mon 09:30-18:00
Tue 09:30-21:00
Wed -Fri 09:30-18:00
Sat 08:00-21:00
Sun 08:30-20:00
Kehrwieder 2-4/Block D
20457, Hamburg
GPS coordinates:
53.5437246219713, 9.98852491378784
Phone: +49 40 / 3006800
Official website:

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