Chita Buddhist Temple: khurals, astrological predictions and poses

The Chita datsan (Buddhist or Lamaist temple) is the main attraction of Chita and the shrine of Buddhists. In the Tibetan language the datsan is called the Damba Braibunling, which in translation means "The place where the rice of the Buddha's teachings is gathered." They started erecting Chita datsan in 2002. Seven years later a two-meter statue of Shakyamuni Buddha was brought from Ulan-Ude, as well as brass lion figures and sacrificial vessel-cassolette. Datsan was opened in 2010. 

Chita datsan is a place of pilgrimage of Buddhists, which tourists also like to visit. In the current temple painted in traditional Buddhist style, Buddhist prayers-khurals regularly take place. Local astrologers and lamas can make an astrological prediction for anyone who wishes, conduct consultation or Buddhist rites. Attention is attracted to the religious buildings "stupa" and "drums" located on the territory. According to visitors' reviews, cafe in the territory of the datsan serves delicious poses of chopped meat (traditional Buryat dish: minced meat wrapped in dough and cooked on a steam). In 2013 the Sochi 2014 Olympic Тоrch Relay visited the datsan.  Lamas of the datsan handed to its participants blue hudacks - long silk scarves - symbols of hospitality, sky and longevity. 

Opening Hours:
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Mon -Sun 08:00-20:00
ul Bogomyagkova d 72
672012, Chita
GPS coordinates:
52.0536846225455, 113.509969711304

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