The Holy Resurrection Church in the walls of the Catholic Cathedral

The Holy Resurrection Church is the oldest active Orthodox church in Chita. It is curious that the Orthodox church since 1945 has been located in a former Catholic cathedral. It happened because, as a result of the struggle of the Soviet state with religion and the church from 1936 to 1945, there was not a single Orthodox church left in Chita. Only after the end of World War II it was decided to give the surviving Catholic Cathedral to the Orthodox believers. It was consecrated by the Orthodox Church as the Holy Resurrection Church. 


For a long time the Holy Resurrection Church was the only Orthodox church in Chita and the main one in the entire Transbaikal. Here the surviving icons from all over the region were collected. In 1996 the church suffered a fire and had to carry out restoration work to restore the interiors of the church. After the construction of the Cathedral of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God in 2001 the Holy Resurrection Church ceased to be the main church in the city. 


Opening Hours:
Now - closed
Mon -Sun 07:30-19:30
ul 9go Yanvarya 54
672039, Chita
GPS coordinates:
52.033043168528, 113.513939380646
Phone: +7 (302) 2353088
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