Ipatievsky Monastery: a story in chronicles and stone

The memory of the last seven centuries of the Russian history is preserved by the walls and buildings of the Holy Trinity Ipatievsky Monastery. This is one of the most beautiful and ancient monasteries in Russia. Founded in Kostroma on the bank of the river of the same name in 1330, it used to save Russian princes many times, and in 1613 became the place of election of the first tsar of the Romanovs dynasty.
Ipatievsky Monastery is widely known in Russia thanks to the two things. First, it was here that the most ancient chronicle was found, in which 300 pages contained the most important information about the history of Russia. By the name of the monastery, the chronicle was also called Ipatiev Chronicle. Secondly, it was here that the rite of calling the first Russian tsar from the Romanovs dynasty-Mikhail Fyodorovich-was held. This happened in 1613. In May 1913 the three hundredth anniversary of the Romanovs Dynasty was also celebrated here. That time Emperor Nicholas II with his wife Alexandra Feodorovna and all the children visited the celebration.Founded in the 14th century, two hundred years later the Ipatievsky Monastery was under the patronage of the boyar Godunovs family. They allocated significant funds for the expansion of the monastery. Thanks to them all the wooden buildings were replaced with stone ones. In addition to financial support, the Godunovs also transferred books, manuscripts, church utensils, villages and lands to the monastery for use. So, in 1600 the monastery owned about 400 villages! The Godunovs also made possible the construction of the Trinity Cathedral and the winter church of the Nativity of the Holy Mother of God. After the revolution the monastery was closed. The first service after a long break was held here only in 1989. And since 1991 monks continue doing the housekeeping in the monastery. Today the History and Archaeology Museum of the church works here. In it one can see the rich family burial vault of the Godunovs boyars, walk through the chambers of the boyars of the Romanovs and get acquainted with the unique Ipatiev Chronicle. But the obligatory point in the Ipatievsky Monastery is the Trinity Cathedral. It is important to stand under its majestic vaults, admire the priceless frescoes and view the grand five-tier iconostasis.
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