Resurrection Cathedral: a Procession with a Three-Meter Icon of the Savior

Resurrection Cathedral was built in the XVII century on Borisoglebskaya Sloboda — right bank side, which today is the center of Tutaev. The elegant and solemn temple is the decoration of the city. It consists of seven chapels and has winter and summer temples. The winter temple is located on the first floor, the summer — on the second. The summer temple is decorated with unique frescoes, which can be seen only from May to September. The rest of the time worship services take place in the winter church. But the most important shrine of the cathedral is a three-meter high icon of the All-Merciful Saviour.
According to the ancient tradition, the icon of the All-Merciful Saviour is annually transferred from the winter to the summer temple and vice versa. Together with the icon in the Resurrection Cathedral the cross of the 15th century is also transferred, which, according to a legend, arrived in the city along the Volga. The icon leaves for the winter temple in the middle of October. The transfer of the shrine to the summer temple is accompanied by the sacred procession which takes place on the tenth Sunday after Easter. The procession passes through the whole city with stops at seven temples. At the end of it the believers perform the rite: they pass under the icon with prayers on their lips. A ferry goes to the temple from the Romanov side. Near the cathedral there is an observation deck from where a beautiful view of the Volga and the Romanov side of Tutaev opens.
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152300, Tutaev
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