The Church of the White Trinity: both the fortress and a place for hiding

The Church of the White Trinity stands on a round square and is visible from afar. This is the oldest stone building in Tver. It was built by the Tver craftsmen in 1564 with funds donated by a Moscow merchant. The times were not calm then and during the enemy raids even a small church became a fortress and could cover the locals. During the excavation in the twentieth century the remains of an underground passage and hiding places were found in the temple, where the inhabitants of Tver hid their wealth.
The Church of the White Trinity was rebuilt many times, once it had one dome, then three, and now there are seven! It was called white because of the color of the shingles, which its only dome was covered with in ancient times. During the Soviet period the church was not closed, in the 60-70s of the 20th century it was the only one operating church in Tver. The saved icons and shrines from many Tver and regional ruined temples are kept in it. One of the main relics of the Church of the White Trinity is a reliquary with the remains of the Saint Makarios Kalyazinsky, moved here from the Trinity Kalyazinsky Monastery, which was closed and flooded by the waters of the Uglich Reservoir.
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ul Troickaya d 38
170006, Tver
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56.856354, 35.887309
Phone: +7 (4822) 345312

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